Nerd girl goes musical sex kitten for the enormous talent of Ray Bradbury

The number of science fiction authors who can number themselves among the objects of sexual fascination that have had inspired bouncy pop songs about that lust was, presumably, zero until very recently. But now, the ardor of Rachel Bloom for prolific and excellent science fiction author Ray Bradbury has changed all that, and thank the space gods for it. Now we have at least one such song, unsubtly titled "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" and it is burning up the Internets this week.

Now, before you hit play on that embedded video player, you ought to know this is NSFW for reasons of explicit language, a rather crude drawing and several non-explicit but clearly racy images (cleavage, et al). Put on some headphones and hope your boss doesn't walk by at just the right/wrong moment (there's just a couple of not-quite-right flashes) and you'll be fine.

Once you watch it, maybe you'll be inspired to starts a science fiction epic of your own, or even just write a sequel song dedicated to Anne McCaffrey or Connie Willis?

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