Nerd Prom 2015 Will Feature I Fight Dragons, Guardians of the Galaxy and More

Andy “Rok” Guerrero didn’t have a great high school prom experience. His girlfriend dumped him before he even got to ask her to the dance with his elaborate secret scavenger hunt, the venue was lame, and the music was worse. But this year, Rok can’t wait for prom. 

On February 28, Rok is hosting the Fourth Annual Nerd Prom, a giant celebration of nerdom at the Summit Music Hall. Prom goers seeking to reclaim their lost prom experience can come dressed geek to chic—prom dresses, giant Lego helmets, suspenders, Iron Man suits, retainers, Chubaka costumes—they’re all welcome. The theme is intergalactic love, so Rok will be dressed as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star Lord, while some of his fellow musicians will come as Bif’s 2015 gang from Back to the Future.

There will be video games and dance contests, a cosplay contest with a $500 grand prize and a contest for Nerd Prom king and queen (you can enter here, but expect to fight for that Lego crown when you arrive). And, of course, there will be music. 
Last year’s Nerd Prom marked the last performance of Rok’s longtime band, Bop Skizzum, and this year it will launch Rok’s new project, Andy Rok & the Real Deal. You will also hear Nintendo rock band I Fight Dragons, Mile High Soul Club and DJ Hollow. Then, at the end of the night, the bands will be joined by strings from the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra and horns from Contraband to perform the Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape Vol. 1 in its entirety.

“I hope this is a night where nerds and normals can join together, enjoy the music, and just have a good night," Rok says. "I know so many people had lame proms where they couldn’t be themselves. Now, I want them to come, be themselves, and embrace what makes them a nerd.”

Rok is certainly reclaiming his prom experience. A Star Lord costume, video games, Jackson Five performed with a live strings section, and a room full of nerds? High school Andy would be proud.

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