Never Make It Home, the documentary about Kirk Rundstrom's last days, premieres tonight

"Get your affairs in order. You have a couple months." Those are words you never want to hear, especially when you're barely in the prime of your life, just 37 years young. That's the kind of talk that takes your legs out from under you right where you stand. Faced with that kind of news, most folks do as prescribed and commence making their peace.

Kirk Rundstrom, whom you might recognize from the now-famous photo of him above, taken at SXSW in '99 -- or more likely from the countless shows he played here with his band Split Lip Rayfield over the years -- did the exact opposite of that. When informed that he only had a short time to live, Rundstrom hit the road with his band one last time.

Tonight at the Denver Film Center, you can see what happened next when Never Make It Home, the documentary about Rundstrom and his last days with Split Lip Rayfield, premieres at the Denver Film Festival at 6:30 p.m. Tickets range from $11 to $13, and encore screenings are slated for tomorrow and Saturday.

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