New album of Alphabets remixes available as pay-what-you want download on Bandcamp

Alphabets have just dropped off an absolutely massive remix project on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. Once you decide how much (or how little) you want to throw down, you'll have access to two dozen tracks of glitched-out noise babble from a mass of Denver bands and a few national ones.

A few Denver notables allowed their tracks to be cut and chopped, including Iuengliss, Married in Berdichev, Hideous Men, nervesandgel and our own Bree Davies's band, Night of Joy. You'll also find a few of Denver's alumni getting their songs obliterated, with Psychic Handbook and Dugout Canoe both donating their raw tracks.

This is one of the few remix projects that might make you hunger for the originals, not because Alphabets does a bad job with them, but because the songs are so absurdly different from the source that you'll want to try to trace the pathway that led to the final product.

That's especially true with the Iuengliss track, "Malaysian Caning," which first appeared on a split cassette with Hollagramz earlier this year. Gone are the beat, the chorus, the hook -- and in their place is a looping sound that better resembles a Buddha box.

Most of the others follow suit, with just a semblance of the original song remaining intact as Alphabets takes the tracks to their own conclusions.

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