New Ancient Astronauts invoke the ancient days of our youth in this week's flier

There's a lot to like about this week's flier. First off, who doesn't love LEGO? And can we get a "hell, yeah" for the way the New Ancient Astronauts have cleverly incorporated the LEGO Space Authority's orbiting rocket symbol into the Colorado state flag? Even the eye-bleed-inducing color scheme is kind of working, thanks to the way those alternating bands of colors suggest motion (with space travel, motion is key).

We're also finding the little details quite charming. The female leader of the crew suggests a positively progressive attitude for these Ancient Astronauts. And the rest of the crew has some sweet facial hair; we especially like the pornstache on the guy in the back on the right-hand side and the mutton-chop style of the guy next to him.

We even appreciate that these astronauts have chosen to forgo the usual uniform look and each do their own thing. (Apparently the olde-time space explorers were a more individualistic bunch than these stuffed-shirt NASA types.) Good for them. What fun is exploring space if you can't do it with your own sense of style intact?

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