"New Beginning" a brand-new track from Mane Rok, A.V.I.U.S, Rhias, Es Nine and Riley Boone

Like life, some of the best moments in music just happen, unplanned, unscripted and completely serendipitous. Such is the case with "New Beginning," the brand-new cut just dropped by a collection of talented friends from Denver's hip-hop scene. According to Mane Rok, who collaborated on the track with Riley Boone, Jon "Rhias" Shockness from Air Dubai, and A.V.I.U.S and Es Nine from Prime Element, the moment just presented itself one night when the guys all happened to be in the studio at the same time.

Mane was working on a project with Es Nine downstairs, and A.V.I.U.S was upstairs with Shockness working on another project. Boone, who was on break from college and back in town, dropped by the studio at the behest of Mane. After the respective sessions culminated, Es Nine and Boone started casually working on a track downstairs, while the other three hung out and shot the bull upstairs. Next thing they knew, they were all working on a brand-new track through the wee hours of the morning, finishing up just before dawn.

"After that," says Mane, "we all kind of forgot about the song. About a month later, it popped in my head during a convo with A.V.I.U.S, so I asked Nine what happened to it. He broke it out. Es Nine and Riley had discussed working on a project together...that evolved into talks of a possible full project, including all of us on the track.

"As of now, we've just continued working as we always have," he continues. "This means there are other collabs lying around with us. But we've also maybe stepped towards the direction of making this a full project. With how busy all of us are already, we are not 100 percent sure, but I guess part of this is seeing what people's reactions will be to this."

Safe to say, you can expect the reaction to be favorable. From the twinkling keys and laid-back grove of the bass line and beat to Shockness's warm, gospel-inflected vocals on the hook and the resiliency and determination in Mane and A.V.I.U.S's words, which speak of putting the past behind us, moving forward and starting anew, it's impossible to hear the song and not feel energized by the tone and the uplifting message.

Maybe it's the fact that the thought of new beginnings is on all our minds right now, making it seem particularly salient because we're on the cusp of embarking on a new year, once and for all putting to rest the past year, which was trying to so many of us on so many levels. Or maybe it's because the collaborators all seem so complementary to one another. Whatever the case, the song resonates, and it's hard to imagine a better way to start off the new year than with a fresh track like this.

New Beginnings:

(Mane Rok) Clock turns full circle, hands point to the sky To say, "Thanks for another chance, void the last try" Mistakes made, lessons learned, that's a win-win Sit and grin, begin again, destroy a past life Rebuild, keep it moving, adapt and advance Watch your steps before you go and have your last dance Maybe stumbled a bit before, Humbled each slip for sure Wonder what'll crumble if we just ignore Those wrong turns (Rhias) The Love you would've lost Hope to conquer (Rhias) this bridge you have to cross Over rough waters just to reach today And see clear skies the thought seems so vague But next thing you know Sunset, Sunrise A circular cycle, one guess what lies Around the next turn, a test of time When it's all said and done is when we'll rest our eyes

Just like when winter turned to spring Dream of better things yeah This is a new beggining and days keep passing -- all this time Another chance for life, oh yeah This is a new beginning A new beginning A new beginning Yeah


A new day seems to bring a new perspective A new drive, a new strength, a new direction Time to step out this comfort zone that I've laid in Planted back at yesterdays and wonder how I've made it Staring down the tunnel of lies and broken promises Weighing all my doubts up against all my accomplishments Never would I thought Life (Rhias) could get this cold And never in my life I would (Rhias) get this old So when I'm feeling down all I need's a beat to Let my feelings go and a pen to speak thru Maybe just a vibe I can turn my cheek to Or standing on a stage with some fans to preach to I gotta let it go this time to find an ending Tomorrow isn't promised, but it brings a new beginning Money couldn't buy me all smiles and such But when I'm with my kids I'm worth a million bucks!!

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