New dance music from Pruitt, Late Night Radio, DirtMonkey, Project Aspect and Luke the Knife

Welcome to In the Mix, a brand-new feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from Colorado producers and DJs. This week, we bring you an exclusive house track from Pruitt, a hard-hitting cut from DirtMonkey, Ishe's take on drum-and-bass, plus a couple more gems from Project Aspect and Luke the Knife. Continue on to give a listen.

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Pruitt - "B3" Pruitt's latest track is all house music, and the kind of house music that fits perfectly in the club setting, or the headphones. As the most recent addition to the Denver Disco resident family, Pruitt has been shaking things up on the regular at Bar Standard and Cervantes', but there is no doubt that you'll see him on some other bills around Denver.

Dirt Monkey - "Imperial March VIP" No matter how cool DJs might seem, they are all just a bunch of super nerds at heart. In this cut, Dirt Monkey offers a modern spin of the Imperial March from Star Wars -- a classic track for any real Star Wars head. However, this insane remix on the track gives the original a run for its money, thanks to the heavy drums and grinding bass. If you're looking for a big ass opening track to soundtrack your arrival, look no further than Dirt Monkey's latest release.

Ishe - "Badman" featuring Goreteks Formerly a local dubstep guru, Ishe seems have to steered towards the drum-and-bass side of things. The new sound it has a dark side to it, especially on this recent drop. Sounds very promising, though, and hopefully, it's a sign of things to come.

Late Night Radio - "If Only" ft. Kevin Donahue Electro soul is sort of the new funk. Late Night Radio, just added to the Decadence NYE bill, has been making waves all over Colorado thanks to its funked out grooves. "If Only" shows off some electric guitar strumming over a mellow beat that gives a soulful saxophone the opportunity to swing your hips and spin your partner.

Project Aspect - "The Great March" Project Aspect comes correct again with this one. Available on the Autonomous Array - Vol 3 free compilation, Aspect brings you into his world, which apparently can go from a melodious jaunt to a dark sprint in the snap of a finger. The building cymbal crash into the drop is deceiving, and once it hits, it's too late. You're hooked.

Luke the Knife - "How Deep Is Your Town" Luke Miller drops yet another disco doozy with this vibed out track. Thanks to his roots in Lotus, Miller is no stranger to the dance party. On "How Deep Is Your Town," he takes a real funky turn and brings the disco straight to your ears. Playing in one of the most in-demand jamtronic acts around today, Luke clearly has two sides to his musical personality, and probably a lot more as he delves deeper into his solo producer work.

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