New I Am the Dot video takes predominantly warm song and reveals its inner darkness

Zach Tipton's output over the last couple of years as I Am the Dot has been both prolific and awesome. The project has been confined to half a dozen EPs up to this point, but 2011 brings with it bigger things. Last month, Tipton released A Collection of Songs, compiling the EPs in one seventeen-track, $5 album. And over the weekend, a second song off the Bridges EP got its very own music video. Watch below.

The video is for the song "River of Solitude," and it was done by University of Texas Arlington student Michael Gonzales, who is a friend of Tipton's. The first video to accompany a Bridges song was for ostensible single "Formaldehyde". Watch that here.

This new video paints a leaden world in negative black and white, all sketched lines and paranoid perspective. It, like the "Formaldehyde" video, takes a song that sounds predominantly warm and comfortable and reveals its darkness.

Tipton has planned a series of LPs for the coming year, but no details are set in stone. You can listen to and/or buy A Collection of Songs on the I Am The Dot bandcamp page.

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