New local dance music from Big Gigantic, Option4, WindMind and Vinnie Maniscalco

Welcome back to In the Mix, our brand-new feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from some of the hottest Colorado producers and DJs. This week, we've got some early Christmas presents for you from Big Gigantic, Option4, WindMind and Vinnie Maniscalco. Sit back, chug some spiked eggnog and get down on these dope tracks.

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Big Gigantic - "Touch the Sky" Dominic Lalli comes correct once again with a sax filled blaster set to shoot you "sky high." Live, this track is certainly going to be a show-stopper, with drummer Jeremy Salken laying his sticks on the skins. Keep an eye out for the act's next album sometime in the new year, and until then, leave this on repeat until the joint burns out.

Option4 - "You're The One For Me" (remix) Brennen Bryarly, one of the most recent additions to the Windish Agency roster, offers up a delightful, house-y remix of Brooklyn-based Great Good Fine Ok's melodic, yet glitched out track "You're the One for Me." If you aren't snapping your fingers or letting 'em dance on your leg while this plays from your speakers, check your pulse, because you might be a zombie.

WindMind - "Themes and Phonemes" This LA Riots-esque track is ready to make you move. The glitched-out vocals and grinding bass give this electro-house track the momentum it needs to propel you into a frenzied gyration, but the integrity of the melody stays true all the way through. "Themes and Phonemes" has one goal in mind, and that's to make sure your ass is sweating to the beat.

Vinnie Maniscalco - "Bass 2 Rhythm" remix Vinnie Maniscalco brings a fun big room track to the table with this recent remix. It takes about a minute until the real juice hits, but once Vinnie lets it go, it goes hard. Turn the bass up on those speakers and give this one a chance -- you won't be disappointed. There's even a countdown to the drop, and it's timed perfectly so you can get yours in when the subs hit.

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