New local dance music/mixes from SuperVision, James Egbert, Unlimited Gravity and DJ Digga

Welcome back to another edition of In the Mix, a feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from some of the hottest Colorado producers and DJs. We've got a variety of styles this week, from your classic club-style bangers to some glitched-out dance numbers, and even some big-room house drops with vocals that will send chills down your spine. Continue on for new cuts and mixes from SuperVision, James Egbert, Unlimited Gravity and DJ Digga.

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SuperVision - "Always All Ways" (official Pretty Lights remix) Derek Vincent Smith wouldn't let just anyone officially remix his baby. In choosing his friends and PLM artist SuperVision, there is obviously some trust there. Last week we shared Paul Basic's take on a PL track, and this week, we have SuperVision's. This remix is actually much hotter than the original, thanks to some added glitch and a significant infusion of even more danceability.

James Egbert - "Exit Wounds" (Original Mix) feat. Nina Sung What a monster! This beautiful track opens with Nina Sung's amazing voice before dropping into what might be one of the best tracks we've heard recently. The hook does exactly what it should, the build sets the mood of the whole track, and the drop is a monster. This is the stuff festivals are made of, the kind of track that you'll be humming all day and singing in your car when you leave work.

Unlimited Gravity - "With Gratitude" With layers upon layers of samples and bits, Ronnie Weberg makes the most of his songs. In that sense, Weberg is a lot like Jackson Pollack: Up close, his songs probably look like a garbled mess of samples and instrumentation, but when you step back and appreciate the work he puts into it, you'll fully appreciate the effort. This song hits hard on the bass, comes correct with the horns and has the just the right amount of glitch to keep you on your toes.

Dj Digga - "Dirtier Than What I Did To Your Grandma" (The Glo 2014 Mix) This is a pretty fat sack of club hits all rolled into one banging mix. Although certainly not for the wake-up playlist, Digga's set is an absolutely great listen otherwise.

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