New local EDM, remixes from Two Fresh, Decadon and Illenium, and a new cut from Pruitt

Back with another edition of In the Mix, a feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from local producers and DJs. Although we've got one original track, this week's edition is pretty much devoted to remixes of other tracks. Two Fresh brings a fresh flavor with its uptempo take on an otherwise downtempo track. Decadon, meanwhile, delivers his take on the summer anthem "Tsunami," while Illenium changes the pace with a serious dubstep banger and Pruitt drops an original track. Continue on to get the drop.

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Mosis - "You and Me" (Two Fresh remix) With a singing siren in the background, Two Fresh creates a delightfully danceable version of what would normally be a super chilled-out song. Basically, the guys took the perfect song to get a massage to and turned it into the perfect song to grind to. When it comes to remixes, Two Fresh pretty much makes anything it touches fly as hell.

DVBBS & Borgeous - "Tsunami" (Decadon bootleg) If you saw any big-name DJ in the past six months, you probably heard "Tsunami" at least once. If you didn't hear it, and haven't heard it yet, then let Decadon's version be a great introduction. Slightly more complex in the mixing, the track still holds true to the original with its drop and massive breakdown.

Demented Sound Mafia - "This Is How I Feel" (ILLENIUM Remix) Though this remix strays pretty far from the sounds of his recent EP, Illenium comes back with a strong punch on this version. The remix has got that monster growl and grime, but is a little devoid of the melodic styles found on Risen. This isn't a bad thing, and it shows this producer is capable of stepping outside his realm of comfort to drop something massive. The vocal is used sparingly, which is good, and the beat will pretty much have you air-slapping until the banger ending.

Pruitt - "Anti-Gravity" Taking cues from big-room builds and teases from acts like Eric Prydz, Pruitt drops this anthemic soundtrack for your summer listening. Sometimes it seems like these sort of tracks just appear out of thin air and are suddenly frequent flyers in all the sets, but for this one, you know exactly where it came from. The funny thing about cuts like this is that the drop isn't where the fun is; the core of the song is in the build, and the drop actually lets you sit back and relax while getting hit with some bass.

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