New Music from the One Eyed Kings featuring Molina, Akir, Big Samir of the ReMINDers

Inspired by Philip Bailey's song of the same name, One Eyed Kings, the MC/producer duo of Bravo One and Mr. Bostic, have produced a new track called "Children of the Ghetto," which is built around a sample of the Bailey tune and features Molina, Akir, and Big Samir. The outfit will be debuting the cut live at Cassleman's tomorrow night at the premier of the video for Mane Rok and Deejay Tense's song "This One's," but we've got an exclusive first listen for you below.

Opening up with the voice of a young child rapping on what sounds like a busy street, Molina steps right up to the plate introducing the universal understanding of 'hood politics over rhythmic drums, and the sped up soul sample. The next MC, Akir, continues the story, giving a perspective on ghetto antics "from Harlem to Soweto," making way for Bravo to spit the song's illest verse.

Speaking of strife in many poor communities, Bravo makes it plain with, "the injustice we see got us all saying fuck the police." The beat takes a pause before Big Samir, of The ReMINDers comes in with a healthy verse in French, further magnifying the universal nature of being a product of your environment, no matter what language you speak. Hard copies will be available for sale for $1 at Casselman's on Saturday. Peep game:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.