New Pornographers

The eye-twitching, cheek-blushing auditory images created by the New Pornographers could never be poly-bagged, hidden behind the counter and credited to anyone with the surname of Flynt. Band grandpappy A.C. Newman knows how to craft a tune birthed in the familiar sounds of yesteryear yet soaked in originality, his sing-songy drafting pen etching lyrical riddles, perceptions and statements. Surrounded by swirling analog keyboards, piano and vintage guitar tones, the Pornographer's word-covered sound waves go down like a candy-coated habañero pepper. The sweetest part, however, is the alternating vocals of Newman and fellow

Pornographer Neko Case.

Twin Cinema
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, the third and newest member of the act's recorded catalogue, strips the overall group sound down to near nakedness. Newman and company's stop at the Gothic is a must for anyone who appreciates well-executed (but not always predictable) guitar-driven retro rock with a decidedly modern bent. Be careful, though: Too much exposure and you might go blind.

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