New year. New music. Preview new tunes from the Still City, Flawless of Fresh Breath Committee and more.

Aw yeah! New year. New music. The Still City has posted a few other tracks from its excellent new full-length, We Will Explain Everything, which is due for release on Saturday, January 23 at the hi-dive. If you haven't already, download the album's title track, and then head over to the band's MySpace page to sample some more.

Not to be confused with a similarly named cut from the Flobots, Flawless from the Fresh Breath Committee has offered up an advance listen of his forthcoming solo album, Rhymin' in the Rough, an absolute banger titled "Fight With Words." And the hip-hop don't stop. Babah Fly has formed a new outfit with SlamNUBA! poet Panama Sowetto called Hi-Tops, and he just posted a brand new track from their first collaboration called "Get It In," that hits just as hard to our ears. (Hear both tracks below.)

Finally, while it's not exactly new, it is free, so the price is definitely right. If you're a fan of radio-friendly, guitar-driven power pop, yet you've somehow remained unaware of the Heyday or resisted laying down the cash to purchase their fine debut disc, today is your lucky day. Or really, January is your lucky month, because the group is giving away the album for free until February rolls around and the year has lost that delightful new-year smell. All you need to do is visit the Heyday's Bandcamp site, hit the download link and provide an e-mail address.

Okay, yes, this means they will be e-mailing you info about their concerts, upcoming releases and probably what the band members are eating for lunch that day, but hey, it does say you can unsubscribe at any time, right? It's a small price to pay for a record of "jangly guitar rock [that] soars on the wings of sun-kissed melodies imbued with the fleeting pathos of youthful heartache," as it was described in our 2007 Moovers and Shakers list. And if you already have the album, you can also grab the group's original three-song demo for the same price (your e-mail address) at the same location. Heydayriffic!

"Fight With Words" by Flawless of FBC

"Get It In" by Hi-Tops featuring Babah Fly and Panama Sowetto

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