NFL Final Four: Horrible tribute song smackdown

Among the most unfortunate developments of the Internet Age is the Sports Team Tribute Song, wherein a musically disinclined fan -- often a wannabe rapper with a fondness for the letter "z" -- posts a song on YouTube about the awesomeness of his favorite sports team.

NFL Final Four: Horrible tribute song smackdown

Assuming, for the sake of this article's flimsy construction, that the team with the most (and most ridiculous) tribute songs will win the Super Bowl, here's a video-aided breakdown of how the playoffs will unfold from here through the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

Vikings Song: "The Percy Harvin Song - Minnesota Vikings (crank dat remix) " Key lyric: "Percy Harvin is no joke, he can run and he can catch."

Saints Song: "Bring Em to the Dome," by Dee-1 and Shamarr Allen Key lyric: "Mama you a Saints fan? You know I'm a Saints fan/Old Man you a Saints fan? Boy I been a Saints fan"

Winner: Saints.

AFC Championship Game: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

Jets song:"New York Jets J-E-T-S Lose Again Song," by Moonpies Key Lyric: "Empty gameplan empty fan base empty trophy case"

Colts song: "Let's Get It," by Chief Stockton Key lyric: "It's like we're destined to be the next greatest destiny."

Winner: The Jets song, while lovably pathetic, is more suicide note than tribute song, so: The Colts.

Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

Saints song: "Who Dat," by Baby Boy Prince Key lyric: New Orleans Saints are number one on the field/ "Katrina or the refs can't stop us this year"

Colts song: "Now Stomp Let's Stomp" Key lyric: "Our quarterback will see the lanes, first and ten he'll move the chains"

Winner: The Colts. Because if we didn't choose the Colts, we wouldn't have an excuse to show you ...

Super Bowl Champions of Awkward Tribute Songs: "Your Indianapolis Colts"

Colts song: "We Are The Colts," by the Faber Boys Key lyric: "What's a gameplan when you play the best? Check the scoreboard, this is not a test."


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