Nick Williams, R.I.P.

Update: A memorial service celebrating the life of Nick Williams is scheduled to take place at 4.p.m. this Sunday, January 20, at the Paramount Theatre. The gathering will feature a video montage, as well as words and memories offered up by many of Nick's lifelong friends and those from his years in the concert promotions, in addition to members of his family, many of whom are flying in from England for the occasion.

Previously posted on 12/19/07:

Just received word from a number of understandably devastated mutual friends that Nick Williams, aka Nicky Venom, passed away yesterday in England, where he was visiting his family.

Nick and I really only knew each other in passing, having only met a year or so ago at Mezcal, but the two of us enjoyed a bunch of laughs each time we ran into each other. "I'm getting the band back together, man!" I'd always say to him, teasing in my best Cockney accent. Nick was unmistakably British, and the whole thing was sort of an inside joke between us.

The first time we met, he pulled me aside and chatted me up about his band, insisting that I check them out, assuring me that I'd totally dig them. So I did, and he was right. The music had a certain charm, thanks to Nick's jubilant delivery. Listening to the tunes, I could easily picture him smiling and having the time of his life as he sang lines like, "The make-up sex is always good/Says everyone in the neighborhood/But pretty soon the honeymoon's over/And I am diving for cover."

No word yet on when services will be held, but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, thoughts and prayers go out to Nick's family and friends. -- Dave Herrera

Thanks to Dan Fong for graciously allowing us to post his photo of Nick.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.