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Nique and Vitamin D

Hey, Denver clubs, wanna save some money? Fire your Saturday-night residents and play this set from Nique and Vitamin D instead. From the moment Nique drops the first record, a joint by Denver's own Floorfillerz, to the second Vitamin D lifts the needle from his own composition, "Solo Contigo," Audio Royal rocks it hard. The Ninechannel exclusive is a thick, oozing cocktail of classic Chicago flavor, shiny L.A. glamour and grainy Denver sensibility. Although the two discs are separate mixes, there is an undeniable consistency of soul throughout the project. A primordial heartbeat of rich bass pumps silky nectar through tracks like the gritty-sexy "Upstairs at the D.H.Q.," by Little Mike, and Nique's ultra-funky stomper "Display of Attitude." It's a solid union of face-scrunching, fist-pumping grime with sensual sways that brings back the essence of good house in a scene starving for the real thing.
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Morgan Wells