Noe DeLeon takes a momentary break from the rock with "Gotitas De Amor"

And now for something completely different... Noe DeLeon, whom you probably know from any number of local rock bands over the years -- Dropsound, Ion, the Crimson Red and Life in Electric -- shared a new song earlier today called "Gotitas De Amor," the bassline of which we're most assuredly driving the neighbors absolutely bananas with as we speak. (Quit pounding on the walls already, would ya? Sheesh!)

If you're expecting it to sound anything like any of the groups mentioned above, guess again. This track, sung entirely in Spanish, sounds like it came straight from south of the border. Even if you're not a fan of this particular style of music, give it a listen; it's pretty freaking irresistible. DeLeon says he's just dabbling, but hopefully this isn't a one-off. Me gusta mucho!

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Dave Herrera
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