Norman Doray on "Chase the Sun," his upcoming album and more

"A lot of DJ friends have told me Beta is amazing," says Norman Doray, whose collaboration with David Tort, "Chase the Sun," spent eight weeks this summer on Beatport's Top 10 chart. He'll be at the amazing Beta this Saturday, September 17, promoting Strictly Ibiza To Amsterdam, his new album; we caught with Doray to talk about fame, the DJ lifestyle and what fans can expect from the album.

Westword: Can you talk about what this past summer has meant for you in terms of your career?

Norman Doray: It's always good to play in a big place like Ibiza during the summer because there are people from everywhere -- U.S. Japan, Brazil -- it's a good place to spin. I don't think I'm so big, but I'm always surprised when I'm playing a new remix or a track which is not released yet, and some guys are like, "I love this one, I heard it on YouTube from a gig two weeks before." It's always really nice to see the people who are interested in your new production.    What are some things you'd like to accomplish as a DJ in the next ten years?

I always have like, I always want to do more shows, do more production and maybe bigger production. Not only with electronic producers, but for me it would be really nice to do tracks with guys like Coldplay or a disco band and do something different. I'm trying to work hard to do this later, but I'm working to push myself every day.    Can you talk about the two discs that comprise Strictly Ibiza to Amsterdam and how they complement each other?   I was supposed to do this compilation, and they told me, "You have to work with the back catalog of Strictly Rhythm and put inside the biggest hit of the summer, and then you are free to do what you want to do with this." And I said, "Maybe it would be nice to do two CDs, one called 'Day' and the other one called 'Night,' to show the people the double thing I love in the music. I love more disco, funky and chilly music for the day, when you're around the pool or in the car with some friends driving around, and I also love the disco music for the nightclub when you want it to get harder. I thought it was a good thing to show people my double identity. I worked hard on this CD, because I really wanted to do something really nice and clean, that the flow would be really nice in the disc, so I'm really happy with that.

Dragon and Tommy Michael open for Doray; tickets are $10. Visit

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