Norwegian "cowboy" band shows us what Europeans really think of Coloradans

Yes, we know it isn't Friday yet, and Freaky Friday is typically Cory's domain, but this was too good to pass up -- or off, for that matter. We're going to go out on a limb here and assume that nobody reading this has ever heard of Dusty Cowshit. Or maybe you are familiar with their unique brand of "shithole Colorado" music that harkens back to the old Wild West "golden age of Billy the Kid," according to their website. If so, you must be from Norway, where the nine-piece "cowboy polka orchestra" is fucking huge, playing at festivals and on award shows for the Norse version of MTV.

But just as we thought the only thing they listened in the land of fjords and Vikings was Norwegian Black Metal, apparently they think that a typical Colorado hoe-down involves us wearing purple boots and singing in falsetto. Their instruments include an accordion, a washboard, a pair of spoons, a fiddle, a trombone, a banjo and a bass made out of a broomstick.

There is also a dude who plays an old suitcase with a whiskey bottle. Really. He tours around Northern Europe beating a suitcase with a bottle because, well, that's the life of a lonesome cowboy in the ol' West.

The following videos speak for themselves.

"Dusty Cowshit promises to take you on a nostalgic travel through Indian reservations with tepees and dancing squaws over windy prairie deserts to the darkest saloons and whore houses, where beautiful dancing girls and sophistically dressed duellists can be experienced until the small hours of the morning," reads the About section of their website. "Come on join the joyride and sing along to the echo of long bygone but far from forgotten times!"

Certainly the band, which started in the mid-90s as a costumed party act, is a parody. But the weirdest thing is that it doesn't even look or sound anything like Country Western music. It's like a fucked-up mix between Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Devotchka and ABBA - but with a lot more ass-swishing in a vain attempt at line dancing.

So what we're really trying to say is that Dusty Cowshit -- and their hit rap song "Chicken Rodeo" below -- is our new favorite Norwegian cowboy polka orchestra band. Yeehazz!

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