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NPR's "All Songs Considered" dumps its collection into a new radio station

If you're anything like us, streaming music services like Pandora or lastfm don't ever seem to really get things right. They're always cool for a little bit, but inevitably, they end up repeating things to the point that we get bored. We'll turn on the radio here and there as well, but even our favorite stations can sometimes get a little dry.

Thankfully, there's a new stream available online (Android and iPhone, too) from NPR's excellent show, All Songs Considered. There are hundreds of different radio stations across the globe, of course, many of which are very good, but it's always nice to add another player into the mix.

Over the years, All Songs Considered has amassed a ridiculous amount of records and recordings, including an untold number of live recordings from their studio and from various performances. Until now, all of these things were only available in podcast or live form. Enter All Songs 24/7 Music Channel.

It doesn't sound like much -- until you start looking at the playlists. You'll find tracks by Robert Johnson right next to Gram Parsons and just a tick away from Dan Deacon. It seems almost random, like something you'd catch on Radio 1190 at six in the morning. We spent the last couple of days checking out the new service, and it's incredibly solid, especially for those moments when you don't have access to your own music collection, or if you just don't know what to put on.

It's also well balanced to appeal to a relatively wide age range and genre type. If you're a huge fan of hip-hop or jazz, you're not going to find a whole heck of a lot here, but if you call yourself a rock fan -- one of all subgenres and types -- you'll be in heaven.

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Thorin Klosowski
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