Oblivion Fringe releases three new Just Ben tracks (and a remix) today

Oblivion Fringe, the local imprint run by Alert, is releasing some brand-new tracks today from up-and-coming producer/DJ (and Whomp Truck innovator) Just Ben, whose dubstep sensibilities are proof that this genre isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Click through to stream/download tracks.

The first tune, "Concentrate," features gonglike vacillations with hollow flute-like rhythms, skipping beats, wobbling basslines and haunting, robotic voices, while Alert's remix features his characteristic spooky dubstep, offering up skittering noises, juicy slurps and inhuman sighs.

"Modern Scholar," meanwhile, offers up bouncy beats, organ-like note interjections and distorted basslines mumbling like a conversation heard from another room -- perhaps spoken by a professor? And finally, "New West" starts out with twangy banjo noises like some newgrass fusion with glitchy beats dropped in, then moves toward the wobbly dubstep bass and melds the two very different genres together.


"Concentrate" - Just Ben


"Concentrate (Alert remix)" - Just Ben


"Modern Scholar" - Just Ben


"The New West" - Just Ben

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