On Copy, Paste, No Glue, Pries strikes the balance between confidence and humility

The singing/rapping phenom known as Pries just released Copy, Paste, No Glue , a mixtape that is an apparent throw to those who imitate, but never duplicate, the young MCs style. As expected, he's churned out an effort that is perfect for the college-aged demographic who can relate to his life experiences and avid descriptions of the come-up. If you ask Pries, he just doing his thing.

"What I'm trying to say is, I really want this. I want this so bad. I'm not sleeping, and I'm not eating, but understand, while people sleep, my sun is rising," he enthuses during the beat breakdown on the track "Sign of a Master," which features J. Carey. The premise here -- and throughout the mixtape, actually -- is that Pries is motivated to do whatever is necessary to achieve his dream.

What's most unique here is that he makes each song stand on its own in production, lyrics, and theme. While some tracks are uber-pop, others can compete very well in more urban arenas. He's figured out the perfect balance between confidence and humility, as evidenced by these two stand-out tracks from Copy, Paste, No Glue: "Born to Fly" finds him shy, yet confident, vulnerable and absolutely unstoppable, while "Hey Hey Hey" is much more reflective in its melody and concept.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.