On the Run: a marathon-worthy playlist

'Tis the season for charity races and marathons! Time to get back into shape after a long, lazy winter. If you're running in this weekend's Colfax Marathon, you've probably already shed the layer of lard you accumulated since Thanksgiving and are looking lean and mean. (Yay you!) Or maybe -- more likely -- you're like us and nowhere near ready to pound out 26 miles.

Marathon? Pshaw! Let's be honest, even a 5K is out of the question at this point. If you're going to be anywhere near road-ready, you're going to need to get your fat, lazy ass off the couch do some training. Which means you're going to need some tunes to fuel your workout -- because, let's face it, working out without rad jams is like sex with a stranger: It's always disappointing, and you know in the back of your mind you probably could've done better. With that in mind, here's a list to get you jump-started.

5. I Just Wanna Run - "The Downtown Fiction" If you can get past your initial shock of Cameron Leahy's pre-pubescent-sounding voice, this song has a great beat to jog to. It's not insanely fast, so we suggest you put it in the middle of your mix. It's hard enough to inspire a faster pace, but nothing too crazy to get you all exhausted before you finish. And it will keep that heartbeat up, because it's all about running because of a breakup, and you just can't stop -- you know that feeling? Imagine how hot your ass would be if you took that anger and actually ran? It's a great song to inspire you to keep burning those calories and to get wicked hot, so the next time you see your ex, you look like a hottie. GO! GO! GO!

4. Snoop Dogg - "Drop It Like It's Hot" Pharrell and Snoop pimp this song out haaarrrrd with simple tongue clicks. (And, fellas, practicing your clicks are uber important for a plethora of different reasons. Just saying.) It's a slower-paced song, so it's definitely a great song to pace yourself during the middle of a full marathon. Snoop is the pimp of smokin' blunts and getting' bitches, and what better to inspire every step? If you keep up your slow, smooth stride, you will definitely be in good enough shape to live the sweet life. Plus, poppin' it like it's hot is always pretty damn entertaining, especially for the people running behind you.

3. OutKast - "Hey Ya" Get out there and do your thang!! If Andre's abs don't inspire you to keep running, we aren't sure that anything will. Appearing on his 2003 album, The Love Below, "Hey Ya" will take you into an endorphin-filled spin that allows nothing but a consistent, faster pace to ensure you don't finish 300 out of 300 in your marathon. We aren't sure why, but something about this song and its lyrics cause us to grin like the Joker, so feel free to accompany your insane smile with a little shimmy. Shake it! Shake, shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture!!!!

2. Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies" Okay, maybe it's just that some of us sexy redheads are Irish, or maybe it's just that this song brings us back to insanely happy, drunken memories of St. Patty's Day nonsense. Whatever the reason, we crave some Flogging Molly to get through our workouts. Who hasn't found themselves in the same old mess singing themselves to sleep with drunken lullabies? Footnote: At most races, there is a beer garden at the end, so this song will not only keep your heartrate up with its quick, steady beat, but keep you moving toward your real goal: beer.

1. Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk" We love us pretty much anything by this band; if you're having a bad day, one listen to a song, and POW! instant smile. And "A-Punk" is a fabulous race-starter. Stretch it out and pace yourself. Its upbeat pace and sunshiny beat will start you off in a kick-ass mood. Plus it slows down in spots, so you don't blow your load within the first five minutes. It's also a good one if you're running a full marathon and your playlist loops back on mile 25; it will definitely give you a little smile as you pass the fatty losers cheering you on. EH! EH! EH! EH!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.