One spectacular photo that sums up this year's Westword Music Showcase

After months of planning and lead-up, the twentieth Westword Music Showcase arrived promptly at noon on Saturday. I started my day watching SF1 both tap dance and absolutely nail down a cover of "Bombs Over Baghdad," and the next ten hours passed in a blur of sweaty singers and silly string and familiar faces. In addition to the coverage you can find elsewhere on the Westword website this morning, we'll have a final round of observations for you first thing tomorrow.

But for now, we leave you with this photo taken by Gabe Rovick of Focus 4 Design from a balcony above the main stage at 12th and Acoma during Diplo's headlining set. Our title here is somewhat misleading, in that it would be impossible to summarize this thing in one photo. But Rovick did capture the scope beautifully.

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