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Open Music Sessions: The Still Tide Makes Home in Denver

The Still Tide
graced the stage of the Open Media Foundation with an ethereal performance at the Open Music Session for August 2015. Since their move to Denver from New York state in the beginning of 2015, the newly-local band is exerting a pull on audiences that's almost, well, tidal. Alums of the Underground Music Showcase and Westword Music Showcase alums, the Still Tide completed a two-month European tour this summer.  

Many of the songs in Still Tide's session are as melancholy and beautiful as they are self-assured and badass. "Cake" is a serene, emotional ballad, and the first track of the session, "Summer" (26:03), is one of those that makes you stop and listen again. The self-proclaimed "indie salt rock" band features Natalie Tate on keys and vocals, Kim Baxter on drums, Jacob Miller on lead guitar and Anna Morsett on lead vocals and guitar.

You can check out their full Open Music Session and even download the stems to remix.
"I didn't mean to open the set on such a downer note, but that song is called 'Summer,'" explains Morsett. "That song, even though it's called 'Summer,' is actually about loss and negative space, and this idea that when you're going through a hard time and things are really hard and sad and it feels like maybe pieces of you are suddenly missing." She continues, "It's this idea of...those holes being able to expand your happiness, like there's more space for happiness to fill because you have those holes...Losing a friend, which is what happened when that song was written, trying to kinda spin the positive and seeing that you learn to embrace life a little bit more." 

"We're going to feel really connected by the end," Morsett promised, and the Still Tide's set rode a wave of emotion, cresting with "Field of Bells." The audience at Open Media seemed delighted that the Tide has decided to come in and settle in the landlocked Mile High City. Get to know The Still Tide, follow them on Facebook to keep up with new show announcements. Download the stems below, courtesy of the Still Tide, and remix to your heart's content within the Westword Open Music Session archive

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