Chris Scott and Chris Kimmel

OptycNerd Launches a Coming of Age Album With "Do It Again"

Denver indie-pop duo OptycNerd has released a new song, "Do It Again." It's the lead single off the act's upcoming record, Never Come Down, slated to drop this summer.

Written and performed by Chris Kimmel and Chris Scott, “Do It Again” is the OptycNerd at its best: a high-energy summer jam with bouncy synth lines, talk about having too much fun, and an incredibly simple yet effective hook.

“The song’s about experience that is fulfilling, somewhat hedonistic, almost reaching that line between doing something too much,” says Kimmel. “You keep coming back; you want to do it again. It's based off of our experiences, but we did make it purposefully vague.

"There are different types of addictions and things that you can pull out of it, and I kind of like the idea of the listener interpreting it how they want," Kimmel adds. “We’re not necessarily implying we’re addicted to anything. We’re not saying we aren’t addicted to anything. The lyrics are a little bit mysterious.”

Kimmel and Scott are optimistic that as the lead single for the group's first LP since its debut, 2014’s OptycNerd + Me.Be.Ce., “Do It Again” will prime fans for the dance-heavy music on Never Come Down. Thematically, the song also sets the tone for the record, which will loosely follow a story about growing into adulthood.

“We brought these songs together, and the record sort of has this underlying storyline of a journey through a person’s experiences while growing and learning about themselves,” says Scott. “Each song is touching on a theme in a person’s life — like a relationship side, or an experimentation side of things, and we’re going to tie it all together through different stories and small skits between songs.”

AK, with OptycNerd, 6 p.m. Sunday, May 5, Marquis Theater, 2009 Larimer Street.

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