Orbit Service Tours With the Legendary Pink Dots

Orbit Service performs tonight, Tuesday, September 20, at the Marquis Theater as the opening act for the current Legendary Pink Dots tour. Many may know Randall Frazier, the songwriter for Orbit Service, for his long tenure as booking manager and sound engineer at the Walnut Room or for his current gig as the main sound engineer at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox. Frazier's association with LPD goes back several years, and he has served as the band's publicist and sound engineer.

This time out, Frazier's role is as part of the support act on LPD's North American tour; he also recently dropped his own record, Stereo Magic, through Beta-Iactam Ring Records.

LPD's tour celebrates the release of its latest album on Metropolis Records, Pages of Aquarius. The band has been unfolding its vision of psychedelic music in various forms since 1980. Blurring the lines between ambient, psychedelic rock, post-punk, industrial, noise and psych folk, LPD singer Edward Ka-Spel has managed to keep telling colorful, haunting stories without treading the same territory over dozens of albums with his various collaborators. Notably, Ka-Spel started a band with Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key called the Tear Garden. Though highly influential in the experimental-electronic and goth worlds, the Tear Garden has never toured since its 1986 founding. This year, however, there was an announcement of a new Tear Garden record due for release in 2017 and hints of a supporting tour.

Until then, you can catch Legendary Pink Dots conjuring and exorcising personal and collective demons at any of the dates listed below, including the Denver show.

The Legendary Pink Dots with Orbit Service and DJ Mudwulf, Tuesday, September 20, 7 p.m., the Marquis Theater, 303-487-0111, all ages. Orbit Service will appear with the Legendary Pink Dots on future dates in Kansas City, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chapel Hill, San Diego and San Francisco.
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