Paper Bird in search of intriguing, suitable adjective.

While we're on the subject of name changes today, it has come to our attention that the distinguished gentleman and bewitching lasses that currently answer to the name Paper Bird are in the process of modifying their name. It seems another outfit in Austria staked claim to that moniker some time ago, which has prompted our feathered friends to seek out a new handle to distinguish themselves (and avoid potential litigation). Rather than just ditching the name completely, though, a brand that they've worked extremely hard to cultivate here in the States, the members of Paper Bird are soliciting ideas for an intriguing and suitable adjective to insert before its current name. On a related note, the group is also looking for some leads on where across the country it can get its hands on vegetable oil to keep its trusty converted bus on the road this summer. If you know anybody that hook the brothers and sisters up, drop them a line. In the meantime, you can catch Paper Bird, who's about to release its new EP and will be recording a live set at Twist & Shout later this month, at the Mile High Music Festival in July, or at one of the following dates posted after the jump.

Paper Bird
Summer 2009

06/19/09 - Oriental Theater (benefit for El Centro Day Labor Center)
06/26/09 - Twist & Shout (recording live CD)
07/04/09 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA
07/12/09 - Oregon County Fair - Veneta, OR
07/19/09 - Mile High Music Festival
07/25/09 - 10,000 Lakes Music Festival - Detroit Lakes, MN
08/18/09 - Film on the Rocks

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.