Paper Bird stops by Daytrotter, as does Nathaniel Rateliff for a veritable hat trick

Daytrotter's love affair with our fine, rectangular state continued and deepened this week. Their latest session, just posted yesterday, is a

five-song set from Paper Bird

. The session includes "Spit Spot," "Yellow Sun" and "Riches to Rags" from

When the River Took Flight

, "Pennies" from

Anything Nameless and Joymaking

and an unreleased track called "Recirculation."

The accompanying writeup had some real nice things to say about the group: "The act "takes us into the heart of merriment that can come from gorgeous voices blended so sweetly and from music so timeless that you lose all track of time listening to it, over and over again, lost in thought and feeling as if you're underdressed."

The Daytrotters went on to say "Ingrained in the music of Paper Bird ... are the feelings of unbearable feeling, of feeling like you can burst because you have cares and worries, but they're not at all more consuming than your joys." Can't argue with that!

That's not all, Nathaniel Rateliff was also recently back at Daytrotter HQ to record his third session, prompting his clearly enraptured hosts to say that they wish he'd never leave. No word on when those tracks will surface, but we'll let you know as soon as they do.

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