Peering into A Day in the Life of DJ Chonz

Have you noticed that the advent of Facebook and Twitter has turned all from casual observers into voyeuristic interlopers into other people's lives and instilled us with a seemingly insatiable desire to live vicariously through folks we may or may not know? Yeah? Us, too. Thanks, social media.

With that in mind, it was strangely gratifying to watch the Eric Heights-directed clip we've been hearing about, A Day in the Life of DJ Chonz, and finally get to see everything that the Radio Bums honcho has been faithfully tweeting about every day. Yes, this is most definitely a vanity project for DJ Chonz, but it's pretty cool, nonetheless, to see all the tweet and status updates brought to life.

From waking up and checking Facebook (natch) to dropping by his folks' house, where he busts out his iPhone to snap pics of his early morning huevos rancheros, to getting his mix on over at the KS-107.5 studios, the camera follows him for the entire day, ending with Chonz stopping by the club to give dap to all his friends, a colorful cast of characters that includes DJ/producer Frank E. and DJs Big Styles, Amen, Sounds Supreme, Lazy Eyez, Psycho and Marz, renown b-boy extraordinaire, among others.

The only thing missing was the bowls of pho we're always reading about. Maybe Chonz and Heights are saving that footage for the sequel.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.