Phibstock returns to Hartsel for second year

Last year, Phibstock became the newest addition to the Colorado family of music festivals. One of the more intimate fests, Phibstock drew bluegrass and jam band fans in droves to its off-the-grid location in Hartsel, Colorado. The festival is returning to Hartsel for its second year on Friday, August 2 through Sunday, August 4. Keep reading for more info on this year's lineup and what organizers have planned this year.

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Throwing a festival is no easy task, especially when the idea to do so is spawned between friends over a few cold ones, but Phibstock's inaugural success proved to the founders that with hard work and dedication to the music, anything is possible.

Last year, Jason Hornyak admits, "we were inexperienced. There were things that worked and some things that didn't." One of the things that worked last year was the free, impromptu horse-back riding session, which was offered courtesy of a good-hearted neighbor in Hartsel. The crew behind Phibstock has worked out a lot of the logistical details to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face again this year.

Phibstock is was conceived and put together by Hornyak and his friends, Justin "Phibs" Petaccio, Pierson Fox, Kyle Gambrell, Hannah Riviere-Platt and Kevin Donegan. When they came up with the idea for Phibstock, the goal was to create intimate event that was unique and as friendly as possible, says Hornyak, and with a capacity of 500, that's precisely what they've done here.

To build on last year's success, the team has put together a stacked lineup that includes Octopus Nebula, the Congress, the Malah, Tiger Party, Magic Beans, Digital Beat Down, Astronomix, Papagoya, Cymatic Kicks, YAMN, James and the Devil, Sunsquabi, Ape Tit, Groundscore, and Knocean.

There's a few other surprises in store. Phibstock is working with local promoters to provide between-set music on a side stage, and though it is not yet confirmed, we hear that it will be a disco throw down with the likes of Denver locals Charles B, Falcon Punch, and Fun Factory courtesy of Denver Disco.

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Tickets are already on-sale at Phibstock's website for $55.00, which includes camping fee (as the date gets closer, prices will go up to $65 and then $75). In addition to camping, there's a stacked lineup of local bluegrass and jam band music and disco music between sets, plus there's a nine-hole disc golf on site as well as food vendors and art installations (some of which adorn themed port-o-potties).

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