Phoenix's tour bus looks like a metal creamsicle

Welcome back to Our Van Could Be Your Life, a semi-regular feature where we shoot photos of the tour busses stopping in Denver and draw unfounded conclusions about the bands that ride in them. This week, Phoenix, who need a separate bus just for synthesizers.

That's not actually true, but they were toting an equipment trailer. It was silver or white or something unmemorable. We can't exactly remember because we were too fixated on that bus. Usually, bands will wind up with something pretty subtle -- solid black is common. It doesn't do you any favors to advertise that you're a rock band.

And while that bus doesn't spell out its occupants, it's hard to imagine what else could be transported in it. The Suns, perhaps?

Phoenix, we assume, sprung for the orange to get people passing by on the way to the show in a warm-weather mood. Make no mistake: Music can definitely be seasonal, and Phoenix is recommended for consumption in the summer. We're not quite there yet, but maybe you add a couple degrees of temperature and freedom with these wheels. It's not just the orange -- those white shapes bring to mind daydream-fluffy clouds, literally with a silver lining. The whole thing looks like a gas-guzzling summer sunset, and that's perfect.

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