Photos: Primus's sold-out show last night at the Ogden, 10/18/11

Although Primus was last in Denver only back in August, opening for the Flaming Lips at Red Rocks, the San Francisco band and '90s radio staple took top billing for two nights in Denver this week at the Ogden Theatre. See photos from the show below.

View photos of fans and the band, along with the set list (bet you can guess the closing song) below. View the full slide show here, "Primus at the Ogden Theatre"

Photos and set list continue on pages 2 and 3

Set List is on the next page.

The set list, per the user-generated Setlist.fm, is below. (View set list on Setlist.fm)


Primus Ogden Theatre - 0ctober 18, 2011 Denver, CO

To Defy the Laws of Tradition Fisticuffs Groundhog's Day The Presman Seas of Cheese The Toys Go Winding Down Mr. Knowitall Bob My Name is Mud Harold of the Rocks

Prelude to a Crawl Hennepin Crawler Last Salmon Man Eternal Consumption Engine Tragedy's a' Comin' Eyes of the Squirrel Jilly's on Smack Lee Van Cleef Moron TV Green Ranger HOINFODAMAN Extinction Burst Salmon Men

Southbound Pachyderm Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

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