PHOTOS: Southern hip-hop legend Bun B makes his first Denver apperance

It is a strange sight to see Bun B step through the curtain at the Marquis Theater. He is the prime mover of Texas -- or maybe even all Southern -- hip-hop, on a short list of the most respected MCs still working, and a leader in his city. And yet there he was, within arms' length in Denver for the first time ever, surrounded by a couple of hangers-on and otherwise very little fanfare.

Opener the ReMINDers have mastered their live show; the interplay between the two of them is so seamless, they might as well be one person with two bodies. And FL of the Foodchain is an artist with music to match his authority on stage. Photographer Eric Gruneisen was there to capture the proceedings. A few of his highlights are below.

There are musicians who take their context with them everywhere they go. For whatever reason, Bun B is not one of them. He started UGK with Pimp C in 1987, and together they wrote the guide book on the patient writing style employed by all of the South's greatest rappers. He has verses on some of the most canonical hip-hop songs out there. Check your favorite recent rap record made below the Mason-Dixon line -- he's probably featured. He is a mighty artist and a stone pillar of a man, but his first appearance in Denver felt surprisingly average.

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