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Photos: Ten things you'll find on the floor after a rave

Put a few thousand people in a room, put on dance music and loose-fitting -- or very little -- clothing and you're bound to drop a few items. Before the ravers who were at Caffeine last night wake up, here are the ten common things you'll find on the floor after a rave. And for a closer look, here are the "People of Caffeine 2012" (slide show.)

10. Fruit Snacks One could deduce that this is smart partying: Don't forget to bring a tasty treat. On the other hand, people just get the munchies, and fruit snacks quench that thirst for a chewy snack.

9. Vomit Absorbent and Deodorizer Powder To the rookie eye, this looks like a simple, innocent pile of saw dust -- to the raver veteran, this is simply something that happens. What you see here is a nicely covered, and about to be swept, puddle of vomit. Since people get sick sometimes at raves, either from partying too hard or just partying with a flu, clean up crews are on stand by for these types of things.

8 .Concessions All that work dancing and fist pumping can work up quite an appetite, luckily venues provide some snacks for people to munch on to lessen the fatigue. Here, you see a nice scattered pile of popcorn mixed with some delightful citrus accouterments: The best thing for fatigue.

7. Undergarments Sadly, someone lost some clothes. On the upside, someone who took home said person who lost this article of clothing, which looks lacy and probably skimpy, is incredibly pumped on their ego.

6. Sunglasses & A Beer Can The only thing that can lead to this sort of loss -- the broken sunglasses/empty Coors tall-boy scenario -- is misappropriation of priorities. The sunglasses served a noble purpose in protecting one's eye sockets from the blasting lasers and strobes, whereas the beer calmed the nerves so the eyes didn't strain too much. This is a crucial combination in the raving process.

The top 5 are on Page 2.

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