Photos: When the Apocalypse Comes, Phish Fans Will Outlive Us All

Phish returns to Dick's Sporting Goods Park this weekend for its 84th, 85th and 86th shows in Colorado. I know that thanks to the meticulous documentation available at phish.net. Also thanks to phish.net, I can tell you when the band first played in Colorado (July 28, 1988 at the Roma in Telluride), the number of Colorado bands Phish has covered (two) and the number of times it says "Colorado" in its lyrics (one).

But that relentless attention to detail is not why Phish fans will survive the apocalypse. It is why they'll rebuild a new society, a place where your fate will be decided in a drum circle and the thousands of annotated set lists will offer logic and truth in a world of deceit. They will survive because they are nothing if not resourceful. What follows are some highlights of our previous coverage of the campground and tailgating scene at Phish shows in years' past, and they tell the story of a people ready to lounge together and withstand any horror.

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