Pictureplane gets Best New Music'd

Pitchfork's Mark Richardson can't get enough of Travis Egedy's Pictureplane, slapping the most coveted three words in modern music criticism on "Goth Star," the first offering from his upcoming full length, Dark Rift. The album's out on August 4th on Lovepump United.

Richardson starts by marveling at 2007's "Flashion (You Designed My Mind)," and proceeds to say some vague things that may or may not mean anything. He's also a little confused about how many people make up Pictureplane, concluding the review by saying, "they're back in my head again." Somehow I doubt Egedy will be too offended.

You may recall that Pitchfork's interest in Pictureplane started when HEALTH called Egedy's outfit their favorite new band in an interview with the publication last year.

The review is hardly inspiring, but the track certainly deserves the praise. Based on a Fleetwood Mac sample and full of the glitchy production Pitchfork thought was so quaint last time they reviewed Pictureplane, let's all hope "Goth Star" is a sign of things to come.

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