Planes Mistaken for Stars is back

Gared O'Donnell is back in Denver now. He wants a cigarette badly, but with six smoke-free months under his belt, he's keeping his cool and just enjoying being back in the city he loves, despite occasional cravings. He even ran a half-marathon a little over a month ago.

"I no longer want to attack everyone I see all day long," says O'Donnell with his trademark wheezing chuckle. "My 37-year-old self could kick the shit out of my 27-year-old self." The Planes Mistaken for Stars frontman is relatively healthy and in high spirits, a far cry from what he was back in 2007, when his band called it quits and he fled Colorado. The split was amicable; O'Donnell says that after ten years of hard living on the road, he could no longer give it his all.

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