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Plastic Sound Supply set to drop a new comp, Ultrasoft! Anthems 33, its twentieth release

Okay, let's set aside for a moment the fact that the forthcoming release from Plastic Sound Supply is the Denver label's twentieth release. Or even the fact that the platter itself is absolutely brimming with a fresh batch of tunes from some of the finest and most celebrated electronic acts and producers in town, including, Iuengliss, Scaffolding, CacheFlowe, Hollagramz and more. As laudable as that all is, wait until you get a load of the commercial for Ultrasoft! Anthems 33. Sweet Jeebus! It's, uh, well, inspired. Have a look.

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This marvelous clip was put together by one Mr. Ryan Policky from Latenight Weeknight, a gentlemen whom you probably know best from his masterful musical endeavors, A Shoreline Dream and Brim Liski. Ultrasoft! Anthems 33 is due out on September 17, but you can pre-order your copy this Tuesday, August 27. Don't sleep on this gem. Operators are standing by -- no, really, they are. Let your fingers do the walking.

Continue on to see the full-sized artwork and tracklist

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