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Mountain Dew has been working hard to diversify in 2008, and with questionable results. Along with testing out a few short-lived flavors and lending its citrusy zest to Doritos, the caffeine machine has become a platform for up-and-coming artists. The Green Label Sound has posted exclusive singles from Matt and Kim and the Cool Kids, neither of which will appear on their respective albums, due later this year. Download the tracks for free at the site ( and keep an eye out for two more in the upcoming months. Looks like Pepsi's marketing staff got this one right, but we'll still pass on the chips.

The Raveonettes have announced that a series of digital-only EPs will close out the year. The first is made up of remixes from last year's Lust Lust Lust. Download it for free at the Vice Records site. The next, titled Sometimes They Drop By, was just released last week and contains four new tracks from the great Danes. Sune Rose Wagner had this to say on the band's MySpace page: "It was a real blast making it, and it also made us a tad nervous because it's quite different from what we normally do." Two more EPs are scheduled for October and November.

While Stars awaits the results of this year's Polaris Music Prize, the Montreal pop quintet is hitting the road to promote its next release. Unlike the group's nominated LP, In Our Bedroom After the War, you won't find the Sad Robots EP at your local record store. The limited-edition physical copies can only be purchased online or at the merch table; a digital version is available exclusively at the album site. If you're on a budget, Stars will give you a track for free. Download the live version of "Going, Going, Gone" at

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