Electro-pop artist Poppet.EXPAND
Electro-pop artist Poppet.
Molly Raney

Meet a Westword Music Showcase Artist: Poppet

Every year, the Westword Music Showcase brings some of the city's best acts to venues throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. To find out more about some of the acts that will be performing at the Showcase on Saturday, June 23, we sent them a questionnaire that includes questions about the local music scene.

Here is what electronic artist Poppet has to say.

Westword: What do you want readers to know about your music?

Poppet: That my music is about sincerity. It's not about facetiousness or crafting a trendy image of myself. It's about expressing the very human in me, for better or worse.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

Denver has helped expand my sound. It is here that I have most worked with other musicians, both live and in the studio. Being able to rely on other players to carry some of the emotional weight of the music really helps me dig into my own expression, and gives the music a richer, more well-rounded tone bank.

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What are the biggest issues Denver musicians face in 2018 – good and bad?

I believe Denver is currently in a unique position as a city because of its unprecedented population growth. We're in a sweet spot where so much new input and movement is happening, which is amazing for the music scene because it also means that the general population is more open to hearing and seeing new music.

If you could change anything about Denver's music scene, what would it be?

Diversity! I want to see more of everything, but especially more female artists up front, more LGBTQ artists, more people of color. The population of Denver has expanded so rapidly in the last five years, and the music scene should reflect the major influx of people from all backgrounds.

What has you most excited about playing the 2018 Westword Music Showcase?

I'm looking forward to playing to a different crowd, perhaps one that has no expectations for my performance. Those are often the best crowds to play for, because there is a higher likelihood that I will catch audience members off guard, which will hopefully leave a lasting impression.

Poppet, Westword Music Showcase, 3:25, Saturday, June 23, noon, Church Basement, 1160 Lincoln Street, westwordshowcase.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.