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Poptimystic: "Follow Me Down" sounds like another hit waiting to happen for 3OH!3

UPDATE: 3OH!3 just announced that it's upcoming Too Fast For Love tour with Cobra Starship, Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) and I Fight Dragons, which reportedly stops by the Fillmore on May 21, goes on sale on next Saturday, February 13. Follow the jump to see the dudes chatting about it.

Bad news for those who are tired of 3OH!3 dominating the airwaves: It doesn't look like the dudes are going to be leaving playlists anytime soon. Not by a long shot, we reckon.

Just as radio programmers are squeezing every last drop out of the duo's "Starstrukk" single with Katy Perry and preparing to assualt the masses with "Blah, Blah, Blah," Ke$ha's almost-certain follow-up single to "Tik Tok" featuring 3OH!3, the boys are preparing to unveil another tune that's likewise sure to explode on contact.

While we're no Ryan Seacrest, we predict "Follow Me Down," the sugary sweet electro track featuring Neon Hitch and due on Almost Alice, the upcoming Alice In Wonderland soundtrack, is sure to be ubiquitous and insufferable by summer. Head over to the act's MySpace page to hear the tune for yourself and then make your way over to Photo Finish Records site later today to chat with the gents.

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