Reader: Should Have Been Postponed Malone

Reader: Should Have Been Postponed Malone
Brandon Johnson (@BJohnsonxAR)
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On March 12, the Pepsi Center hosted the last big concert Denver is likely to see for a while: Post Malone's Runway Tour. Although Mayor Michael Hancock had declared a state of emergency earlier that day and Live Nation and AEG had already suspended all big national tours through March, Live Nation moved forward with Post Malone, who's been a big draw in Denver lately.

But should this show have gone on?

Says Scott: 

The people that went had already been infected with bad taste.

Adds Tessa:

 Shoulda been Postponed Malone.

Comments Melissa:

 And it was amazing - not scared.

Notes Lisa: 

My 17-year-son bought tickets to this concert for his girlfriend’s birthday! Decided not to go because he did not want to get sick and share with family and friends.... Proud of him, but disappointed that he didn't see the concert they’d been looking forward to....The money loss is a bummer, too.

Suggests Courtney: 

Post Malone trying to make sure he gets every penny. ????
Ticket prices haven't dropped...A lot of these artists spending as much as they're making and now the summer tour scene is looking bleak...

Replies Evelyn:

 I’m going to guess that the set and lights were loaded or almost loaded in. Cancelling the show when a set of that scale is in would’ve been a cost that no one wanted to foot. So they rolled the dice. Tickets happened to get more expensive, not less.

And then there's this from Katie, a doctor in Centennial:

For some ridiculous reason, despite a "state of emergency" established in Colorado on March 10, a packed concert for someone/something called Post Malone still happened in the downtown Pepsi Center on Thursday, March 14. This Post Malone has an ironic last album titled Spring Cleaning, and an even more ridiculous song given the current situation, "Better Now." The lyrics are hilarious and horrid: “You probably think that you are better now, better now”....um, no, not really, since you just convened tons of people in metro Denver in the midst of a state of emergency given a virus spreading like wildfire. “You only say that ‘cause I’m not around, not around”... well, okay, you’re correct on that one, but it’s a little late. “You knew I never meant to let you down, let you down”...ironic, you’ve got to be kidding me.

“Woulda gave you anything, woulda gave you everything”...um, like a perfect venue to spread COVID-19 all over Colorado from all your fans? That you did. Sold-out crowd! Definitely nowhere close to social distancing. State of emergency? Whatevs. 

Did you go to Post Malone? Will you be going to smaller music events around town over the next week? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

See our slideshow of the Post Malone show here.

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