Premiere: Plume Varia's Ambitious New Live Performance Video

Welcome to  the world of Plume Varia. The Denver dream pop duo, fresh off a performance at the Oriental Theatre with Sound of Ceres, is debuting a new video today on Westword Music.

The clip, which features band members Cherie and Shon Cobbs performing a pair of songs, was directed and edited by artist Lisa Kingsbury. "The idea was to work with the band's aesthetic and give a modern electronic quality to the more classic black and white," says Kingsbury. "Along with the live performance, we created a secondary analog channel that the video cuts in and out of to represent that classic feel while colliding with the digital glitches." 

It's an unusual music video in part because the audio you hear comes from the actual performance you're watching. "We wanted a video that captured the essence and intimacy of our live performance," says Shon. "We decided that we could best accomplish this by actually playing live and by having the audio you hear be the audio that we are playing in that moment — rather than the standard technique of syncing a studio recording to your playing."

Watch the performance of "Slumber" and "Altar" above. 

This is shaping up to be a busy year for Plume Varia. Shon says the band is hoping to release a couple songs every few months, rather than hold them all for a standard album. It's an interesting approach very much in step with the way bands around the world are trying to adapt to listeners' changing habits. 

The band's next show will be on March 21 with Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and Pale Sun
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