Pretty Lights Music releases iPhone app

If giving away free music via a self-run record label website isn't enough, the team over at Pretty Lights Music has developed yet another way to infiltrate the airwaves: the Pretty Lights Music app. If you are on the Pretty Lights mailing list (which if you've downloaded any of the independent label's music for free at anytime, then yes, you are) then you already caught wind of the new application for the iPhone. We gave it a spin, and think maybe you should too.

The application has everything you expect: videos, photos, tour information, a shopping section full of PL gear, news updates, an option to subscribe to the mailing list, a personal "Fan Wall," and of course, free music. The main screen of the application is home to all of these options and requires merely a touch or swipe of the screen to gain access to any of it.

In all honesty though, the Fan Wall is a little much. It's capable of linking directly to your Twitter account so that anything you type will post on your feed, which is almost a recreation of yet another social network. One of the most unique extensions, however, is the Fan Map, which is where you can see who is posting what from where. This is also another way for PL fans to link up and talk more about how awesome PL's new app is, and connect with the label directly.

With the application, you can essentially avoid downloading the music, which is already free, and stream it directly from your phone instead. It doesn't feature all of the artists on the PLM label, which is rather disappointing, but the video section makes up for this loss with footage from the tour bus, various live shows and festivals around the country, and even a teaser for the forthcoming Re:Generation film.

Bottom line: This application is great if you are just now into the world of Pretty Lights. You can catch up on all the happenings in the PLM world, post your own fan photos, share your thoughts on new remixes, and support more music coming out of Colorado. Download it via the iTunes app store.

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