Preview the new St. Elias disc Altered Beast with two free songs

A week from tomorrow, the new St. Elias disc Altered Beast will be released at the hi-dive, in the company of other fine bands such as Accordion Crimes, Ideal Fathers and Alan Alda. Said new disc is sporting a sweet cover, seen here, by local artist Adam Reker and a half-dozen moody, brooding tunes that fuse heavy riffage and chunky timbres to pleasant, almost floating vocals.

It's a solid slice of noisy, intricate space rock that suits the vibe of a stormy afternoon perfectly. Oh, and you don't have to wait to hear it -- the whole thing is streaming right now, and you can even grab two of the tracks to stick on your iPod type listening device.

If you dig it (and really, if you clicked through after reading the description, you probably will -- it's pretty damn good), your options for owning the whole thing are manifold. Obviously, you can pick up a CD at the CD release show (Friday, August 13, hi-dive, remember?). If you like to keep your music virtual and/or are a cheapskate, you will be able to grab the whole thing for free via its Bandcamp page shortly thereafter.

You can also own a limited-edition print of the awesome Adam Reker cover art, too -- no word on pricing yet, but we'll update when we hear. In the meantime, have a listen to the stream below, grab a download of "Storm King," one of the two free tracks already available, or visit St. Elias on Bandcamp to grab the other and their previous album, too -- all free!

<a href="">Icarus II by St. Elias</a>

Free download of "Storm King"

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