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Prime Element gets, ahem, prime exposure

Looks like Prime Element - the outfit formerly known as 3 the Hardway - has been getting some prime exposure since linking up with Kamikazi Airlines last month -- or it's about to, we should say.

Since joining the Kamikazi roster, the group has signed a license agreement with Alli Sports, the official sponsor of the Dew Tour. As a result, you can expect to hear the act's music in various spots and sporting events on numerous networks, and there's some talk of the group appearing on some dates on the Dew Tour.

Before any of that happens, though, we hear that Kamikazi is readying a re-release of Set In Stone sometime later this month or just after the first of the year.

On a related note, A.V.I.U.S.'s new album, For Better or Worse -- which features cameos by an array of guests like Evidence from Dialated Peoples and Fashawn, as well as production from Es-Nine, Metty Dertmerchant (Sweatshop Union) and DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples), among others -- is nearing completion.

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Dave Herrera
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