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How influential is Richard Quitevis, aka Qbert, as a turntablist? Well, he's often credited with inventing the term -- an important and necessary accomplishment, because the old lexicon didn't contain words that adequately described his distinctive brand of artistry. As a key member of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, a groundbreaking California crew that also included the equally skilled Mixmaster Mike, Quitevis understood that hip-hop DJs did more than make wicky-wicky sounds between raps. Through highly visual performances that helped the Piklz win three consecutive Disco Mixing Club World Championships during the '90s, he put the lie to the fiction that neither skill nor musicality was required to succeed in his chosen genre. To date, QBert's studio work hasn't been widely heard; arguably the most high-profile CDs to feature him were a pair of Dr. Octagon releases issued way back in 1996. Yet he's a terrific live presence, as his current tour, which teams him with Grandwizzard Theodore, DJ Flare and DJ Jumi, should prove. Long after the show is over, collaborators and attendees alike will undoubtedly be spinning under his influence.
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