Quote/Unquote: "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3

All right, how many times have you been bopping along, minding your own business, listening to some tunes, when all of the sudden, you'll hear a line in a song that instantly makes you do a double-take? You know, the ones where you keep rewinding the sucker, marveling aloud to no one in particular, "Wait, hold on...did he just...? No way! Awesome!" Yeah? Us, too, which is precisely what inspired Quote/Unquote, the latest feature on the Backbeat blog. Each week, we spotlight a few lines in a song that stuck out to us, be it a couplet, a quatrain or a few stanzas -- however many lines in takes to get the point across. This week, "Don't Trust Me" -- surely you've heard it by now, right? For chrissakes, it's only the most played song on Top 40 radio right now. Good, so you're familiar then? Excellent. Follow the jump.

All right, so the line that gets the most props from listeners the world over, the one that's flirting with becoming some sort of catch phrase is the quatrain:

Shush, girl.
Shut your lips.
Do the Helen Keller,
and talk with your hips.

As is happens, though, there's another quatrain that precedes it in an earlier verse that's way more money.

You tell your boyfriend,
if he says he's got beef,
that I'm a vegetarian,
and I ain't fucking scared of him.

Not quite brilliant, but definitely clever, we say. What say you?

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